Mission: The mission of Santa Rosa District's School Counselors is to provide a developmental and systematic comprehensive program that ensures academic, personal, social, career development, and community involvement for all students. Our goal is to assist all students in acquiring the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to become successful students, responsible productive citizens, and lifelong learners.


Our services are designed to prevent and address problems, facilitate positive learning and behavior, and enhance healthy development for students. We follow state and district guidelines for identifying and assessing student needs. We offer many services to help your family with the challenges of elementary school. These services include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Psychological assessment and testing
  • Descriptions and interpretation of state tests
  • Parent/guardian conferences
  • Consultation
Psychological Services

Psychological Services are available for students who are referred for psycho-educational testing. Brittany Canham is our Psychologist. She is available on Wednesdays to test and to suggest interventions for children with learning problems or behavior.

English Language Learners

English Language Learners (ELL) is a program for children who speak multiple languages.  Parents complete a Home Language Survey during registration and note if another language is spoken in the home. ​If another language is indicated, children are screened to determine if they qualify for services from the ELL teacher, Candace Smith.

Referral for Screenings/Evaluation

Screening may be completed when a child is believed to be performing below the expectations of teachers or parents.  Screening provides information for the classroom teacher, MTSS team, parents, or other professional such as physicians or psychologist. Evaluations may be requested when parents and teachers agree that other strategies have been unsuccessful during the MTSS process.

Students with Physical/Mental Disabilities or Impairments

Students with disabilities or impairments that interfere with their ability to learn or perform up to potential may require accommodations at school. These students may be eligible for accommodations through a 504 plan. Call Wanda Carden, Guidance Counselor, for additional information.

Counseling Services through CDAC

CDAC Services are provided at school for children. Ashley Powe is the counselor assigned to our school. She provides services to children whose parent's request help for school, home, and family related problems. She may provide either long or short-term services. Her services require an intake process that involves parents.

Classroom Group Guidance

Classroom group guidance will be provided during the school year. The topics of these lessons vary by grade level, but are relevant to all students.